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Non-Fungible-Tokens are cryptographic signatures that have been tied to a piece of code on the Ethereum Blockchain, in this case an Image.  It is a verifiable digital certificate of origin, ownership and history of that token.  Keep your tokens safe, they are highly valuable because you retain the digital rights! 

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The first and original🏎️of the metaverse.

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Instructions from the Mechanic:

Step 1. Download Metamask

Step 2.  Create an account on

Any Ethereum wallet will do, but Metamask is currently the most technically advanced with NFT technology, and highly recommended. They have mobile and web-browser based solutions currently.

Opensea is the main aggregator, or marketplace that reads all open-source NFT information on-chain.  (There are also other famous marketplaces that specialize in different artists, luckily BigComic is on all of them!)  Goto  and create an account.  When you create an account, checkout your NFT gift (collection ) on your account page. 

Step 3. Tell your friends!

You can send and recieve tokens with your Ethereum address!

Simply hit recieve, and copy and paste your Ethereum Address.  It will be a code, think of it as your email for $$$! For example, this is the garage's address that all Crypto-Ccars are born from: 0x7DfeD325F76C2d06Ad4CB22a122c485D3d5B8d61

Share your gift on Social Media!  Spread the BigComicArt ❤️ with your friends.  Shout-outs are smiled upon across all channels XD

P.S. All Ethereum transactions use the native cryptocurrency Ethereum to conduct transactions.  Need some?  You can buy direct from any of these sources, or get some with my referral link from Gemini:

About Big Comic Art

Step 4. Collect some Cars!

You might be surprised how fun and rewarding it can be, only a lil slice of history.

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