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satoshi nakamoto 1 bigcomicart.gif

Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto #1

    The original search for Satoshi Nakamoto, the original Pulp Comic defining the beginnings of the "web3" Metaverse by the artist who goes by the pseudonym "Big Comic."   The work combines original and some of the most sought after hand-made paintings and internet culture (memes, gifs)  into one of the most cutting-edge art collections available today. The work uses thought provoking commentary (w/ humor) on our human condition, and is collected in over 100+ countries both physically(as traditional paintings) and digitally (using Non Fungible Tech). It is now a world-renowned collection in the span of 5 years that is ever expansive and immutable.   The collection has been acquired by some of the most brilliant companies, individuals and institutions of web3.  Shown across evening news channels, raised on billboards 40 feet tall, muraled in public display, and shown physically across a broad range of several exhibitions.  It has raised money for several charitable causes.  Recently, the work has been showcased in collaboration with the Dminti and Metaversal organizations, that includes Jennifer Stockman a Former Guggenheim President, Shalom Meckenize, founder of Draftkings for the NFL, Dominique Levy, a International Gallerist in NY, Paris and HK, Mark Lemley, a Leading Professor at Standford Law school, and many other brilliant minds.

Genre Defining Digital Works of Art

Selected recent Press, Texts and Exhibitions:

Selected Press feat @BigComicArt:
To benefit Charity World Hero Foundation, News Desk:

CoinDesk: “It’s an NFT boom….”, Dale, Brady 2021:

What the Tech? Tucker, Jamey: Featured across the evening news on Syndicate television:

Behind the Mask: Giving to John Hopkins University,

Read about the Cryptoart Pioneers: The NFT Telegraph, Feb 4th, 2020 

"SuperRare" Digital Art Collector  Drew, Austin,

Recent Exhibitions:

9/2023 The Gateway, Seoul Korea, NFTnow. ABC news:

4/2023 NFTNYC

12/2022 Art Basel Miami Week, SuperCar Rooms.

 10/2021 @BigComicArt and The World Hero Foundation w/ James Bond No Time to Die Premier, featuring Aston Martin, Omega and SuperCarRooms Miami.  2022 NW 1st Court, Miami FL 33127

9/2021 @BIGCOMICART, Supercar Rooms Miami, 2022 NW 1st Court, Miami FL 33127

9/2021 IRLart Gallery, UR’L Exhibition. 2611 Walnut St in Denver CO.

7/2021 Renaissance Protocol, Theaterlab, 357 West 36th Street, #3rd floor New York, NY 1001

8/2021 ASYNC Art Exhibition. Beijing, China.

3/2021 Digital Trends and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art:

Permanent Collection: The Museum of CryptoArt




Bigcomicart GM_Page_08_Image_0001.jpg

@BigComicArt Shown at the Temple House, Miami Beach via SeriousArtOnly

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