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The  most interesting NFt collector in the world 🌏

The most interesting nft collector bigco

Artist: @BigComicArt



Blockchain Playboy. Hand painted digitally in animated sections,
loosely based off of a photograph of Gregory Hines by Greg
Gorman, published in September Issue of Playboy, 1986. 2048 x
2732 px, 8 MB, GIF.


    The most interesting NFT collector in the world has been challenged many times, yet few fit this bill.  Only one can be the best.... Only one can challenge value in ways never before seen.... Huzzah!  Early Origins NFT crypto-art piece created in early 2020 before anyone even knew what an NFT was!  Now, we see that Playboy magazine is officially coming into the (NFT) space a year later!  

This unique piece has been trolled throughout the internet!  It has touched the minds 🧠 and hearts ❤️  of everyone in the original meta-verse and beyond!

Asking price: 1 million, USD.  Aside from this being the most evil Austin Powers theme of all time, this value will HODL the cryptoart universe line of all time, and create bragging rights far beyond any NBA-TOPSHOT 🏀 dunk. 

Why this piece is important in #cryptoart history:

It represents a creation that for-told the future of Crypto-Art, NFTs and the possibilities that have played out.  It in essence, told the future that we are now living!

It was painted digitally, and shared with the world with conceptual portrait painting that came alive through social media.  It enticed larger players and corporations to join the NFT space on their own accord (without acknowledging the artist, of course).  It followed original conversations in Cryptoart, like the now-famous Matt Kane and Alotta Money who created works in collaboration with collectors, that made collectors a very important part of the conversation.  For without cryptoart collectors, value would be overlooked?

#RIP Gregory Hines, one of the greatest tap dancers of all time, 1946-2003.

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