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🤠The Wild Wild West  of Web3 🐎

Do you have what it takes to fell the Bitcoin Cowgirl?

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The Bitcoin Cowgirl

First Apperance

2019 ERC-721

Minted Nov 28th, 2019


We're not in Kansas Anymore...... Dorthy...

Introducing: Cowgirl Roulette

A WEB3 Art experience by Big Comic💥


💥wanted: the bitcoin(ethereum) cowgirl DEAD OR ALIVE: 
REWARD $1,000,000

A batle for the META has begun..

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💥1 winner: An original Digital artwork (ERC-721 BCA COMIC SUPERRARE NFT) of the Bitcoin Cowgirl, Currently listed for 1,000,000 $

💥5 winners: A limited EDition BIG Comic print, Direct from Artist Studio valued at $1,500+

💥10 winners: Some BigComicArt Swag! FineArt Fashion valued at $500+

💥All winners: Collectors of Fine BigComic #BC Original gangster authentic digital art

the bitcoin cowboy.gif

You'll need at least 2 bullets to play
💥cowgirl roulette💥
One just in case you miss. (The more bullets you have, the more advantage you have to beat the Cowgirl)  Can find any? swap on

The wild wild west of Web3 and NFTs have taken the world by storm.  This thing called the Blockchain, it's a vast dangerous land, a desert that spans westward into uncharted territories.  Our story unfolds deep in space and time, recording upon the blockchain the history of Sats in our never ending search for Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of theBlockchain and Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Cowboy

First Appearance

2019 ERC-721

Minted Dec 8th, 2019





Aint thems digital bits n' pieces fallin' outta them pockets son. Looky here you better stop that caravan, this here's a stick-em-up. Hand over those digits- ones and zeroes- nice and slow now ya hear. This here's uncharted land, and I aim to tame these wildernesses. Ride em' high cowboy..... 

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