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Nakamoto Satoshi, the name used, is presumed pseudonymous of the person or persons who authored the Bitcoin whitepaper and devised the first blockchain database
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 The search🔍  for Satoshi has been over a decade running, trying to find out just who or what the heck it is.  Governments, Banks and Special Interests have been searching every corner of the globe.....


Some possible identities have emerged........

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One of the defining collections of the Original Crypto-artist Metaverse.  Began in early 2018, the artwork has caught ❤ and souls of collectors across the 🗺. The investigative work dives deep into the political rise of Satoshi.  Defining a new genre and utilizing new techn; The collection is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain and includes on-chain-contracts originating from the same decentralized address. It including cross-chain works from SuperRare, Known Origin, MakersPlace, Rarible, AsyncArt, OpenSea and  The original pop-art work includes the digital and physical realm melded together into Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs). It is partly tracked by with a growing secondary market beyond in multiple on-chain networks.  Scarce in nature, 1 of 1 editions are released as our story unfolds.

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