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Masked bigcomicart.png


Custom manipulated coded Blockchain Artwork
Layers change based on user inputs, and John Hopkins University Database Statistics.

Async Technology

This piece of artwork has a total of 4 layers, 3 of which are owned by individual collectors and have different possible states of color change in harmony. 

This work is a native blockchain work, coinciding with a physical painting that comments on the beginning of the pandemic.  

As COVID statistics present themselves, the Mask will come and go from visibility.  Our end goal will be to remove the mask completely from the work.

Read more about this work @ John Hopkins:

See the piece in action, and possibly own a layer on the blockchain @Async

Part of the mask series, recording the history of this calamity. It is amazing how we have ignored the silliness of this condition we are in, the human condition. Asia 2020. Proceeds for first sale with Async Art to COVID-19 Relief Fund. Owner has dynamic control over color settings on each individual layer. Layers are hidden behind a mask, which will slowly disappear/reappear as Covid-19 statics are projected through the John Hopkins Corona-virus Resource Center Statistics are projected in real time. Created in Collaboration with Async Art and Jake Johns', 3 Possible owners and controllers of Master Image. April 2020.

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