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The First collectible "COMIC" page




As a child, I dreamed of life-sized comics.

Comics that were considered a high art.

A fine art.

I want you to imagine each of these images as large as you can.

Comics of the META by Big Comic was made as an observation, and original creator of the web3 movement.  I believe my work has has helped to create a sensation world wide. These issues, blockchain artifacts that speak a language, some tokens which were in fact even stolen, some burned, and re-issued have survived in art forms for the past 4 years in record. Some of these "COMICs" have been graffitied at 40 feet in the air, Painted with oil and blood on canvas, Digitally enhanced to be as loud as possible: To echo throughout our communication channels and envisioned to remain timeless in any space, in any reality, in any multiverse.

My Childhoood dream is coming true.  Today, the comics are in fact really BIG: They Are Super-Sized. 


Thus, Big Comic Art was born.


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