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BigComicArt X ASYNCart

Today the legendary OG of the internet drops a significant blue-print collection.

A significant Drop composed of original physical painting work utilizing Async Blue-Print technology. The comic covers of the Metaverse. Although 10,000 were possible, only 20 unique limited editions will be released. 2 Legendries. The Legendaries will be rewarded with a BIGCOMIC METAL edition print (contact bigcomicart direct for edition!).

The work features historic artwork from the OG of the internet, Jake Johns', called the "Lichstein of web3". Physical handmade artworks that have been augmented with Artificial intelligence. The covers tell the story about the original search for Satoshi. These covers are highly collectible, and should fetch a sum at auction one day.

Find out more information @

BigComic is the Original Gangster of the internet, with artwork now collected in 100+ countries as Non-Fungible-Tokens, mostly 1 of 1 artworks.

Physical paintings have been exhibited recently in NYC, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Beijing, Milan.

For more information about the search for Satoshi:

And mint direct:

1 ETH each:

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Jun 28, 2022

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